MobGen App Support

Do I have to pay for each ringtone?

No!  You don’t pay for each ringtone!  Download the app once, and you get unlimited free downloads for every ringtone inside the app.  Download as many tones as you want without worry.  There is no charge per download.  There are no subscription fees or monthly fees associated with our apps.  Awesome right?

Do I need a computer to load the new ringtone?

Yes, Apple requires iTunes and a computer (Mac or PC) to load new ringtones or alert tones on an iOS device.  Unfortunately there is no way around this.  We wish there was a simpler method.  We would love to make it simpler to load these great tones on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad but as of now it’s just not possible.  Trust us!! If Apple removes this restriction we would promptly update our apps to take full advantage of a simpler method.

Did you friend send you a ringtone in email?

Follow these instructions to start using
  1. Launch iTunes on your computer
  2. From the FILE menu, select “Add File To Library”
  3. Find and select the Ringtone (.m4r) file
  4. iTunes® will then import that file into the iTunes® Music Library
  5. After the import, the .m4r file will be located under the Ringtones section in the Music Library!
  6. Sync up your iPhone
  7. You should now be able to choose the ringtone for any of your contacts, and you’re DONE!!